Prices & Offers

Please find a list of treatments and prices below:

Free Consultation

Before and after your treatment there will be a short time to discuss what you would like to achieve, how to tailor your treatment for your needs and to talk about your experiences.

Full Reiki Treatment (1 hour) - £40.00

Reiki will take you deeply into a relaxed state, facilitating the healing of body mind and spirit.

Young adults aged 13-16 (45 mins-1 hour) - £30.00

Performed in the same way as a full treatment, great for exam stress and building confidence.

Distance Reiki (45 mins - specified time by prior arrangement) - £30.00

Reiki has no limits when it comes to time, place or distance. A distance treatment will feel similar to an in person hands off treatment. This can be arranged by appointment also and we can discuss your needs via email or telephone. I will call or email after the treatment is finished to discuss. Payment can be made via Paypal.

30 min Reiki Treatment (Heart and Mind) - £25.00

This shorter treatment, focuses on the head and shoulders and can be done either lying down or seated in a comfortable chair. 

Children and Babies (30 mins - 45 mins) - £20.00

A wonderful calming treatment for your little ones, helps to aid sleep, with digestion and teething pain. For anything really!

Reiki Energy Cleanse of the Home - Feeling negative energy in the home?Reiki can help to cleanse and balance the energy, restoring harmony and peace. Price dependant on number of rooms, please contact me for a quote

Students (NUS) and OAP's - 20% discount

Gift Vouchers Available - please contact me and I will send you an invoice for the requested treatment.

Current Offers:

Buy a course of Five Treatments, 

Get One Free!

Buy a Treatment for a Friend and receive 25% off your next treatment!

Reiki is known to be beneficial as a complementary and integrative therapy to be used alongside mainstream medical treatment and should in no way be a substitute for this or used a diagnostic tool. If you have a serious illness or any other medical condition or worries, please consult your GP.

All treatments are performed fully clothed and can be either hands on or hands off depending on your level of comfort to touch (it still works just as well off). It is an integrative therapy which works well with all other treatments. Treatments can be performed either lying down on a treatment bed or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable. 

I believe that Reiki should be open to everyone, so if you should have financial difficulties, and you feel that Reiki would really help you, please contact me to discuss, I may be able to give a discounted rate. All appointments are by prior arrangement.

Children and Babies: Please note that for hands on Reiki on children, it is required that your child is able to stay still for the duration of the treatment, so if they are particularly energetic am able to give them distance Reiki when in the same room while they play. I ask that you please ensure that before a treatment, no sugary food or drink is consumed that day. Parents or Carers are required to stay for the duration of the treatment. All under 16's should be accompanied by a parent/guardian or an authorised carer, and a consent form will be issued to be signed prior to treatment.

Young Adults:

Reiki is a great way to help relieve exam stress, and hormonal imbalances in young adults. If you feel your teen, may need some help in this area, please contact me. Again, all teens under 16 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the treatment and a signed consent form will be required prior to treatment.

If you should have any questions, special requests, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will be happy to discuss these with you. All information discussed with me either by telephone, email or during a treatment is confidential and your details will never be passed on to third parties.

Reiki is extremely low risk and can be used on anything and in any situation. For special requests outside of what is listed here, please contact me to discuss further and I will be happy to try to help with your requirements and arrange fees accordingly.


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